Taking Screenshots in Games is a Nice Way to Brag

As gamers, we tend to show off our achievements whenever we did something that’s absolutely cool for other gamers in that favorite game of yours. This is known to be your bragging right if you manage to achieve that very feat, and is considered as something that people love to check out as long as they like that game as well.
Gamers tend to do screenshots in games so that they can show off what they did in the game, or what items they might have if it’s a cool RPG game. It’s because there are some gamers that tend to use their in-game character as their profile picture in games, or maybe as someone that they took care of which is why they love to share it on the internet as well. Taking screenshots is also a nice way to ask or share some tips depending on the in-game topic that you want to bring out.
In computers, the best way for you to show what you have there in the game is by pressing the Print Screen button. If the game application has a screenshot command, then it will be saved on the game’s folder, but if not, then you need to paste your screenshot on any picture editing tool to get it. If you want to learn how to screenshot on HTC and other smart phone/tablet brands, then make sure that you follow what the manual says for you to have an easy way to do it.

Taking screenshots for your needs in sharing info about a game is known to be a gamer’s act, and is a good way to show what you’re really made of in the game. This is also a nice way to show guides to players that want to learn something that you know in the game as well. All in all, sharing is a great thing which is why recording things, even via pictures, can be a great way to become a better gamer.

Where to Watch Your Favorite Movie

Watching movies often may be considered as luxury especially that tickets come at a certain price. It is quite expensive to go into movie houses and watch your most awaited films. However, it brings you the satisfaction that you need when watching these films in actual theaters. If you are really a movie lover and you do not want anything else but to watch movies all day, you do not necessarily have to go to movie houses every time to satisfy this need. For those who are movie addicts, there are two ways for you to enjoy movies without actually spending a dollar for it. One, you can opt to download movies online. There are several websites that offer free movie downloads. Just look for these websites and find out how you can download for one. But basically, it is just so simple and you will need some fast and reliable internet connection to fulfill this.

Another option that you can choose is to watch your favorite films online. There is video playing websites that allow you to watch a variety of movies. The problem with these movie websites is that they contain ads, which annoys most of the online users. If you want a hassle-free mode of watching, you can always do that with popcorn time. Although the website is in beta, you can still go for it and watch all the movies you like for free. Compared to other video platforms, this is way better to stream your favorite TV shows and movies.